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Undoubtedly one of the most popular games of chance in the world is the game of roulette (precisely the European roulette), introduced around the eighteenth century but previously practiced in other forms in the rest of Europe.

In this section dedicated to the game we will start by explaining the basics of the game, the types and in the live roulette winning systems.

Let us now focus our attention on the roulette available in online casinos, the well known and loved Electronic roulette. We will try to provide useful and practical advice for both “virtual” and traditional roulette played in Italian and worldwide gambling halls. Now you can go for the kiss918 register and find the best limits there.

Types of Roulette

If you are looking for information about roulette in live casinos we recommend this article.

Types of roulette bets

In this table you will find a summary of the roulette bets, the payout odds in case of a win, the odds of winning and the description of the bet. These are the most common bets, the last three are called “Simple Bets”  or ” Simple Chances” because they are those in which you have the greatest probability of winning, close to 50%. It is not 50% due to zero, which offers a probabilistic house edge. In fact, the house advantage in this game is dictated precisely by zero.

Live Roulette Winning Systems

Is it better to play roulette online or offline?

  • The advantages of being able to play from home and try again the emotions of a land-based casino but without having to move an inch are out of the question, for this alone it would be worth choosing an electronic roulette instead of a land-based one.
    First of all, if you know how to play traditional roulette, don’t worry, the online roulette rules are the same as the terrestrial one, consequently even the chances of winning do not change, on the contrary.
  • Being inside a real casino is certainly a unique experience, aficionados know it well, but at the same time inside a real casino you have a thousand distractions that can take your mind off what you are doing.

Playing online roulette, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of being able to concentrate much more on your game , you are alone in the tranquility of your home, no external influence, no distraction, or at least much less than in roulette in a casino. At home you can create the best climate to be able to play and feel good in front of the game.

 The game setting of online roulette present in Aams casinos perfectly reproduces that of real casinos down to the smallest detail, those who play at an online casino hardly regret not being “physically” in a room.

Land-based casinos are considered safe because physicality gives us the impression of having everything under control, while you don’t see anyone online and everyone could potentially cheat you? Nothing more wrong. The AAMS electronic roulettes are very safe , the AAMS is always very strict in the rules given to the gambling companies operating in our country and the controls on their operation are rigorous.


Even beginners can play with an internet roulette , no great basic skills are required, this is a game that once you have learned the basics, the difference, like it or not, is made by luck and in this case the “beginner’s luck ” can give you a nice hand.