The Most Popular Betting Strategies You Must Use Next Time 

Hundreds of betting methods promise to overcome casino odds and to ensure victory. Although at first look they may appear promising, you can’t overcome the edge of the home. Whether you play in a live casino or online gambling, the house will always have benefits. Below we have selected a few of the most popular betting methods that you can use while playing games like Qiu Qiu Online and highlighted the shortcomings behind each. It is essential to highlight that individuals win using these tactics in casino games, but their success is due to chance, and not to the betting strategy.

Martyrdom System

This approach is not a gambling philosophy but a particular betting method. The Martingale works by multiplying every wager you make until you win. The premise is that you are guaranteed to win statistically, therefore you will recover all of your losses plus a profit equal to your first wager. The issue with the Martingale system is that if it happens, a victory may not take place for a long time. The bets pile up quite fast, as you can see. A $5 bet in a 1/10 winning game would statistically imply that you’d have to wager $5,115 in total to cover your losses and win your original $5 bet. Without an infinite bankroll or table limits for a single wager (which frequently happens), the Martingale system may lead to a catastrophic loss.

System Fibonacci

The Fibonacci Betting System is over 900 years old. This method is in keeping with the Martingale concept but is a progressive approach. The following method is used instead of doubling each consecutive bet:

Algorithm of Fibonacci: 1-1-2-3-5-13-21-34, etc.

Each stake in this series amounts to the total of the preceding two bets. After every defeat players continue to advance but bounce back two places after a victory. With the betting technique of Fibonacci, losses are retrieved two at a time. The system terminates if the player returns to the initial bet and wins. The Fibonacci is defective for the same reasons as the Martingale, but the progressive approach helps to minimise your losses.

Paroli System System

The Paroli betting approach is different from any of the aforementioned. The Paroli is designed to benefit from hot streaks and often leads to short-term losses with the odd large gain. The players raise bets for a pre-determined number of winning wagers by a preset sum.

  • Lose one or two bets: 1 loss of credit
  • Lose bet 3 or 4: break-even
  • Every four bets win: Total 12 credit victory (12:1 overall payout)

To make this advancement in Paroli work, a player must win four bets in a row before receiving 12 one-credit losses. This is not the case mathematically. The calculations rely on the game odds, but for example, an even-money wager on European roulette (red/black, even/odd, high/low) would provide one 12:1 winning sequence for each 13.6 single credit loses.

Last Thoughts

These are just four popular wagering methods, but the list continues. The advantage of the house is an intrinsic element of each casino game like Qiu Qiu Online, and just changing the bet method these games are made does not change the final result. Solid knowledge of the odds, regulations of the game and payout rates of any game you play is the finest betting technique you can use.