Indonesia’s famous football betting site LigaSahabat

Because of this lockdown, many people are stuck at their home and all the betting clubs and casino clubs are closed down. Because of this lockdown, many people get frustrated with staying at their home and doing work from home. Online betting sites give people a chance to enjoy their time and earn more money.

Football is a worldwide famous game and people like to bet in this game because the chances of winning the betting increased in this sport because people from all over the world bet on this game. Taking football into consideration, there are many other sports which are famous for online betting like cricket, Horse racing, Motor racing etc.

LigaSahabat is the online betting site which is famous for football betting. It is known as one of the trusted online betting sites in Indonesia. For more information, you can search here

Tiers in Betting

The system of online betting is very different from live betting because it includes many other tiers like gold, platinum, silver and bronze. Tier of betting depends on the betting level of the customer. The more they bet on the site, the more tiers they will get and the privileges will be given according to the tier. The benefits given to the highest holding tier are:

  • High betting capacity
  • Multiple currency acceptance
  • Fast withdrawal process
  • High deposit and withdrawal limit

Football betting sites

Here are the lists of famous online football betting site which is trusted and genuine. People like to bet on these sites because of its services and also it guides the customer and gives them the advice to bet according to the situation. Here are the lists of the betting sites:

  • Betfair
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Coral

How to register with Liga Sahabat

To register with Liga sahabat, follow these steps so that you can get your demo username and password.

  • Contact the customer service of the site and then they will give you a link
  • In that link, you need to fill your information for the security purpose and so that they can keep a record of your for future purpose.
  • Once you fill the formalities, they will verify the information.
  • Once the information gets verified, they will give you your demo username and password which is used to login into the site
  • You can change your username and password once you login into the site.

Your personal information will be safe and secure by the developers as they use advance software to protect your identity from cyber hackers.

Football betting is legal in so many countries but they have to bet according to the laws which are made by the government of that country. Apart from Indonesia, football betting is famous in other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, England, United Kingdom and many more. At the time of tournaments like FIFA world cup or La Liga cup, more people bet their money on these sites.