Blackjack Strategy Guide: Importance Of Card Counting

When you decide that blackjack is the game for you to play, you should also learn some blackjack strategy to improve your chances of winning. The basic strategy is to reduce the casino’s edge so that you increase your chances of winning. There are several ways that you can use a blackjack strategy when you are playing blackjack online. In online casinos, the usual rules still in blackjack are pretty much the same and this became a big reason for the continuing popularity of the game. 

The first strategy tip, when playing blackjack online, involves how the deck is shuffled before the start of each hand. Most players do not realize how important this strategy tip is. In most casinos, before a player starts to deal with the cards, the dealer will shuffle the deck. But in live blackjack games, the deck is never shuffled before the cards are dealt. The purpose of this is to prevent the possibility of someone observing the person who is dealing the cards. Having the cards dealt beforehand, the possibility of that person seeing the card that was not dealt with is eliminated.

Another strategy tip deals with the way that the cards are dealt with. Most of the time, after the dealer shuffles the deck, it is wise for the players to look at the number of times that he has reshuffled the deck. By examining how many times the deck has been reshuffled, the chances of the dealer doing this trick are eliminated. If a dealer shuffles the deck more than six times, then that dealer should be avoided. There are many other blackjack strategy tips, but by following these two basic ones, you should improve your chances of winning big time when you play blackjack in an online betting site in Singapore.

For a more detailed guide about blackjack strategies, check out the infographic below brought to you by CM2BET:
Blackjack Strategy Guide