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What Kind of People Gamble Online?

The last decade has seen a big shift in the way people gamble and in who gambles. The most popular way to gamble online is on a mobile phone, and due to the fact that so many people own one, more people have the opportunity to gamble than ever before. People from every walk of life are now wagering online. 

Logical types versus risk-takers

Distinct personality types enjoy playing different games. Logical people tend to stick to strategy games like poker or blackjack rather than games based purely on luck. Games like poker and baccarat suit those who can read people well, are naturally persuasive and are not averse to taking some risks. 

However, personalities that are intuitive and not as afraid of risks as others are drawn more to games of chance. They will place wagers based on their gut feelings rather than relying on any analytical strategy. This is based on some solid evidence and a big part of it is of the people who play MI online casino games

Males versus females

Data from a number of studies suggest that more males gamble online than females. eSports betting is growing considerably, most fueled by young males. With this being said, females still make up a significant part of the whole gambling market. 

Females are more likely to buy lottery tickets and play bingo online than men. Male gamblers particularly enjoy poker and fantasy sports betting. Males are more likely than females to develop a gambling addiction

Introverts versus extroverts

Do introverts or extroverts gamble more online? This depends on what types of games they like to play. Some games require interaction with others, but some don’t. Introverts are more likely to prefer games where they can gather information and think before placing a bet. 

Extroverts tend to be more impulsive and are likely to enjoy online slots. They also like playing games like craps, where they can scream, shout and cheer other players on. 

Entrepreneurs versus executives

Entrepreneurs like to be at the heart of the action and think outside of the box. They are drawn to things that can challenge their logic, such as creating debates and taking risks. They may opt for luck-based games rather than games of logic simply because they can challenge themselves emotionally and mentally by giving up control. 

Executives are calculated risk-takers, but they won’t place a bet unless they believe they have a good chance of winning. They enjoy interacting with others, and live dealer online games appeal to them.