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The Right Directions for the Betting Players

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At the Absolute top of the world, the game has gone more and more in the direction of players trying to solve lots (frames) with aggressive play, and not playing safety punches (safety) unless it is, so to speak, forced.

However, player profiles differ a lot: some are bolder than others. This affects eg frame quantities. In the face of aggressive players, both often get seats to batch wins and the frame rates go up. The duration of passive player matches is stretched, but correspondingly, the frame rates may not rise high.In Peter Ebdon’s games, opponents also fall asleep

Brave players include Judd Trump, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Shaun Murphy and Ding Junhui. The role model for slow and boring players is the legendary Peter Ebdon, in whose games many spectators (and even opponents) often fallen asleep.

Pay attention to these

Pressure management is the most important feature of the w88th sport, which is why experienced players in big tournaments are often strong. John Higgins and Mark Selby, for example, are known for their fierce competition.


  • Level differences at the top of the world have narrowed over the years. Nowadays, more surprises are seen, which has made watching the species more interesting. For the bettor today, it is extremely important to monitor the condition of the player’s day, not the successes of previous months or years.
  • As the best players in the world face, the success rate for long strokes has risen to a more important part all the time. As the tournaments progress, it’s a good idea to keep track of which player has the best long shots (long shot% in the statistics).

Live bet a great choice

Above all, Snooker is a great sport choice for a live bettor. The slow-paced sport provides great opportunities to get involved in betting, even if the match has already begun.

Snooker is a sport where Enduring the Dome, ie mental state, is more important than perhaps in any other sport. When overheated, players simply can’t make it. Similarly, if a player is tired, it will become nothing.

The focus in snooker is on everything a and o. The mind should be 100 percent focused but at the same time relaxed. For example, a hard pressure state may place a player in a momentary or final jerk, which the Analytical bettor immediately takes advantage of.

Game control can turn quickly from side to side if another player’s mental grip weakens.In situations like this, bookmakers don’t react so quickly to odds that you wouldn’t have time to make a good account.


When you feel one of the players faint, you should play bets quickly against him. This Tactic has been working for years. If the other player loses his grip, the opponent can comb himself into the fight from a really long distance. Then you can catch wild odds.

Live streaming makes Gaming easy

One reason for playing live bets is also the livestream services offered by existing betting sites. Namely, almost all snooker main series matches can be watched as free livestream broadcasts from many betting sites. You can easily follow the match and place your bet on the same site. There are already several snooker live options available.