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Online Slots with Arcade and Video Game Style Bonus Rounds

Online slots have come a long way since the classic 3-reel slots. Modern video slots offer immersive graphics, exciting bonus features, and innovative gameplay that rivals even the best arcade and video games. One of the most popular developments in online slots is the addition of skill-based bonus rounds that allow players to test their reflexes and hand-eye coordination within the games. These arcade and video game-style bonus rounds add additional engagement and entertainment to slots.

During the normal course of slot play, bonus rounds are triggered. Usually, three or more scatter or bonus symbols appearing on the reels will activate the bonus round. Bonus rounds allow players to win prizes, free spins, and jackpots beyond the standard spin. Arcade and video game-style bonus rounds incorporate skill, timing, and rapid reflexes into the gameplay, rather than relying solely on luck and chance.

Types of arcade and video game bonus rounds

Developers have come up with incredibly creative approaches to arcade bonus rounds.

  • Shooting games – These bonus rounds present waves of targets that players must shoot rapidly to earn prizes and advance to higher levels. The mechanics mimic classic arcade shooters like Duck Hunt or Area 51.
  • Picking games – Players must pick from a selection of objects like treasure chests or gift boxes, some of which reveal credit prizes while others end the round. It requires memory skills and risk-taking.
  • Lightning rounds – Players tap or click on-screen elements as fast as possible before the timer runs out. This tests rapid reflexes.
  • Sports games – Slots with football, basketball, or golf bonus rounds allow players to take shots or kick goals to earn bonuses. Accuracy matters here.

While the graphics and themes vary widely, the common element is giving players some control over their destiny, rather than passively watching reels spin.

Popular arcade and video game themed slots

Slot developers have incorporated elements from classic arcade, console, and PC video games that everyone knows and loves. Here are some well-designed slots with bonus rounds inspired by popular games:

  • Street fighter II slot – This classic 1990s fighting game is faithfully adapted into an action-packed slot. The bonus round has players defeat waves of street fighters with different quick-time events and combos.
  • Tomb raider slot – Join adventuress Lara Croft to find hidden treasures. The bonus game is inspired by the platforming and puzzle-solving of the Tomb Raider console games.
  • Call of duty slot – Battle through vivid first-person shooter gameplay. The bonus round uses shooting mechanics adapted from the fast-paced Call of Duty games.
  • Zeus slot – This 3D slot brings the legendary Greek gods to life. One bro138 bonus game lets you control Pegasus as he flies through the clouds collecting lightning bolts, in a nod to flying horse levels from video games.

These games evoke the familiar characters and mechanics that gamers love while retaining the core slot machine experience.